Full Body Analysis

The face and body reveal a world of information. Body language is a universal method of communication. Every day our body communicates thousands of messages, speaking to us through its shape, form and actions. The human body is intelligently designed, it can be read like a book.  The body has many different maps and ways to read information from it, such as the ears, eyes, tongue, face, feet, hands and the entire body. Our bodies are like walking billboards, communicating our thoughts, feelings, health history and the true nature of who we are.

Face-Body-Mind Analysis explores the psychology of our physiology and the meaning of our physical shapes and features. Understanding how to read and comprehend the language of the body is fun and fascinating. Face-Body-Mind analysis is a powerful and practical tool that can expand and catapult the understanding of yourself and others on many levels, through observing the shape and characteristics of the body.

Body Analysis is the art and science of reading the language of the body. Each person is the author of their life’s journey and their novel can be read by observing them. In body analysis, we read the language of the body and observe what the body is saying. Understanding the language of the face and body is a powerful and therapeutic tool for higher self – awareness. Face-Body-Mind analysis increases your capacity to recognize and appreciate the volumes of information the body is consistently communicating. Our features can reveal our brilliance and our blockages. This knowledge helps you to understand, connect and interact in a more mindful and compassionate way.  It’s a valuable tool that supports you in clearing blockages, creating change and restoring balance. Body analysis is a valuable lifelong tool that can profoundly deepen your awareness and comprehension of yourself and others.

“Receiving body analysis was an amazing eye-opener for me. I felt looked at and recognized for the first time. Without having to reveal anything about myself, my body told a story all on its own from my strengths to my weaknesses. Since the analysis approximately six months ago I have been more aware of my body and my emotional well-being. Yes, the issues may be in the tissues but with this awareness, they don’t have to stay there.”

— W.S. Camrose, AB.

“The body reveals the truth. It is a clear reflection of who we are. I was amazed after getting a body reading how accurate it was in revealing my inner mental and emotional state of being. Observing myself has brought huge awareness as to where I hold tension, issues and fears in my body. Learning this about myself has helped me deal with some unconscious patterns that no longer serve me but were stuck in my tissues. Bringing some awareness to them has improved my physical posture as well as my mental and emotional. My Body analysis experience has been very educational and continues to bring great awareness to me.”

— L.L. Edmonton, AB.

“I’ve always wondered why my body is “like it is” in some areas. A body analysis reading provided me with some of those answers. In being given that body awareness and understanding, I’ve been able to heal some of those problematic places in my body and my psyche.”

— P.B. Edmonton, AB.

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