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Face reading is an ancient art and science over 3500 years old. It was cultivated through thousands of years of painstaking, meticulous observation.  Face reading is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that recognized the human body’s wisdom and how its intelligent design provides a variety of different ways to read its language, messages, and information.   

The face is a map, a holographic map. The features of your face tell your life’s story and reveal the unique makeup of who you are. The face is very informative because the information is in the formation. By observing the shape, lines and features of a person’s face, you can understand a person’s physical, mental and emotional states of health. You can learn how to see all the organs of the body on the face; constitutional strengths and sensitivities, inherited gifts and talents, levels of health, and much more.

The goal of face reading is to help you be your original self, follow your path and purpose, and bring your body back into balance.  When we can observe and understand our brilliance and our blockages, it can help us honor the essence of our true nature, free us from inhibitions, and live more on our path and purpose in a healthier way.

The insights of face reading are profound. Discover how to read the face like a book. Learn the fundamentals of face reading and understand yourself and others in ways you never imagined. It’s is a kind and loving way to see your true nature and appreciate the wisdom of your human design. Face reading is a powerful and practical therapeutic assessment tool that can expand and catapult your understanding of yourself and others by comprehending the multidimensional meanings of your face and its features.

Stay in Touch – In-depth Face Reading Course Coming Soon in 2021


Two Presentations By Jackie Latimer


In Orlando Florida October 20th – 23rd 2023


A Full One-Day Face Reading Workshop

Learn What the 12 Features of the Face Communicate

Orlando Florida, Monday, October 23rd 2023   9 – 4pm

(Will Be Translated into Spanish) 

Register At:  https://iridologycollege.org/congress/

THE SCHOOL OF  FACE READING Comprehensive Face Reading Course Coming Soon

In 2024!

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