Body analysis courses

Body Analysis is the art and science of reading the language of the body. Body language is a universal method of communication. Everyday our body is communicating thousands of messages, speaking to us through its shape, form, size, and actions. In body analysis, we read the language of the body and observe what the body is saying. This knowledge and awareness of the body can help deepen your understanding of yourself and others.
Did you ever wonder why you are in the shape that you are in? Or why others are in the shape they are in. The body is a living history of our inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The energy of our recurring thought patterns, attitudes, fears, and feelings that are expressed and unexpressed, are constantly transmitting their messages to the body. The cellular memory of this information that the body receives day in and day out is portrayed in the shape of its physical form. Thought is energy, thought forms create body forms. The body is manifested from the information it receives. What we think we become

Our bodies speak without words. They are like walking billboards, communicating our thoughts, feelings and living history. Our face is a map, reflecting our true nature and the essence of who we are. Discover how to read the face like a book. Learn the fundamentals of face reading and understand the multidimensional meanings of your face and its features.  Face reading is a powerful and practical therapeutic tool that can expand and catapult your understanding of yourself and others on many levels. It’s a valuable assessment tool easily integrated with Iridology.

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