Hi, I’m Jackie Latimer I’ve been in the holistic healthcare field for over 40 years. I’m an experienced therapist and lifelong learner. Below you can view the different modalities of teachings and services that I offer to help you help yourself become Self-Aware,  Apply Self- Care and learn Self-Knowledge.

Our health is our greatest assest. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Take care of yourself now, you are worth it!

Your Outer World is a
Reflection Of Inner

CHI = Conscious Health Inside


Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist

Jackie Latimer is a Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist. She has studied Iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen, and many of the top international iridologists from around the world. Jackie offers in-depth Iridology analysis consultations. She will take multiple pictures of your eyes, show you what she sees, explain what it means, and then together we cultivate a plan of action to improve your health and well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. Iridology is a valuable holistic assessment tool that can bring conscious awareness of your inherited strengths and sensitivities which can often be the root cause of health issues.


Certified IIPA Iridology Instructor

Jackies has been a Certified Comprehensive IIPA Instructor for many years. She has studied Iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen and many of the top internationally recognized iridologists from around the world. She teaches complex information in a practical and simplified way. You will easily learn the art and science of Iridology in an organized step by step manner with many colorful pictures and PowerPoint presentations. She is a passionate teacher who inspires you to learn.

Jackie invites you to learn the insightful wisdom of Iridology. It’s a valuable lifelong assessment tool that will amaze you! Iridology helps you to see new ways of understanding yourself and others and become more consciously aware to improve overall health and well-being and prevent unnecessary suffering.


Become a Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist in the comfort of your own home with the Certified IIPA Iridology Training Course. For more information see Teachings and CHI Events.

Jackie Latimer Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridology Instructor. 


Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Jackie is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She is Edmonton’s longest-serving colon hydrotherapist who has been of service for over 30 years. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help and support you improve and regain your digestive health. She has had digestive issues from birth and understands firsthand the challenges of poor digestion and elimination. Colon hydrotherapy changed her life and it helped heal her own gut issues and you can too.  You don’t have to suffer, healthy digestion and proper elimination are possible and very essential for good health.! 

Jackie will educate and support you to become aware of the root causes of your health issues and help you improve your overall health with corrective diet and lifestlye solutions. 

Gut Health = Good Health.

Certified Face Reading Practitioner

Jackie is a Certified Face Reader. She has studied the fascinating wisdom of the human body and its many holographic maps and messages for decades. She has traveled the world to learn the ancient art and science of face reading. A face reading session is a powerful tool of self-awareness and self-discovery, supporting you with a deeper understanding of yourself so that you may live to your full potential.


Certified Face-Reading Instructor

Jackie is a Certified Face Reading Instructor. She teaches the ancient wisdom of face reading, which is an in-depth study. She will share powerful presentations that help you understand yourself and others on a deeper level by observing the shape, lines, and markings of your face. Face Reading is fun and fascinating.


Certified Body-Mind Analysis Practitioner

Jackie is a Certified Body-Mind Analyst Instructor. She enjoys the journey of self-discovery and loves to teach how to read the meaning and the language of your body.


Certified Body-Mind Instructor

In Edmonton, Alberta Jackie is a pioneer in the field of massage therapy. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 40 years and has studied many different modalities of bodywork and has a wide range of tools and techniques when working with people and their body. 

Body Analysis is understanding the psychology of the body’s physiology.  Our body speaks with out words. It’s constantly communicating a wealth of information.  Learning to see and understand yourself and others through the psychosomatic messages of your body, can provide deep awareness and insight as to how you are expressing yourself or holding back your true self.  The aim is to live fully in healthy ways.


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