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Hi, I’m Jackie Latimer I’ve been in the holistic health field for 40 years. I own and operate Cellular Health Inc. (CHI), a wholistic health and wellness company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I’m a teacher, speaker, therapist, and author. I’ve enjoyed a wonderful career educating and supporting people using different modalities to help them improve their health and well-being by becoming more Self Aware, applying Self Care and learning Self Knowledge.  My goal is to help you feel good, function well and be consciously aware of your inner and outer health.

A little more about me:

I’ve had a life-long desire to understand the meaning of life and how things work, because growing up life didn’t quite make sense. So out of high school, I went travelling looking for the answer out there. The first year I travelled to Australia, New Zealand and 13 of the South Pacific Islands.  I didn’t find the answer in Tonga, Tahiti or Ayers Rock. In the second year of travelling, I cycled 14,000 miles on a bicycle. Six months in the Orient and Asia and six months in Europe. Travelling was a terrific experience and an education all on its own, but it was on the beaches of Bail that I found my career path and part of what I was looking for. In Bali, every day while lying on the beach the locals would come and you could get a massage for a dollar. I got a massage every day. I remember the moment during one massage when I felt a deep inner connection with myself.  I got up and said that’s it, when I return to Canada I’m going to study massage therapy. Inner connection was what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it in Turkey, Scotland, the Philippines or anywhere in the world.

Today, I feel very lucky because I followed my passion from a young age.  For 40 years now, I’ve worked in the wholistic health field loving what I do. Since beginning my massage therapy studies in 1983 I have had a deep fascination with learning about the wisdom within the body, especially understanding the psychology of our physiology and the body’s many holographic maps.  It’s been a wonderful journey through many latitudes of learning and depths of self-discovery.

My other hobbies and interests are travelling, photography, gardening, pickleball, golf, and quality time with family and friends.


My Philosophy is

Everything is an


Health comes from within. 

The health and well-being of your body, mind and emotions 

come from within.

Our body is our temple. It’s a beautiful, brilliant creation designed to be our owner’s manual, guidebook, and spiritual teacher for life. But do we understand it, listen to it, know how to read it and care for it?  I love to teach and educate people about the Wisdom of the Body, its many holographic maps and understanding the psychology of our physiology. 

Your Outer World is a REFLECTION of Your Inner World.

Learn, Grow and Evolve


Self Aware,

Apply Self Care,

Develop Self Knowledge

With Holistic Educational

Teachings and Courses


The School Of Face Reading Course

You can read the face like a book. It reveals the unique makeup of who you are. By observing the shape, lines and features of the face, you can understand a person’s physical, mental and emotional states of health. Learn face reading and discover how you can see all the organs of the body on the face, inherited strengths, sensitivities, your natural gifts, talents, levels of health, and so much more. Face reading provides a deeper knowing of yourself and others

IIPA Iridology Certification Course

“The eyes are the window to the soul”. Become a Certified IIPA Iridologist and enjoy an insightful, meaningful career. Iridology is a holistic assessment tool with deep insight into your physical, mental, and emotional states of health. Learn Iridology and help people discover the root cause of health issues and improve their health and well-being. Read on to learn more about how to become a Certified Iridologist.

Body Analysis Course

Our bodies speak without words. They are like walking billboards, communicating our thoughts, feelings and living history. The information is in the formation. Your body’s shape, posture and language are communicating information every day, to ourselves and to the world. Understand yourself and others through learning the wisdom of body analysis.

Healthy Digestion and Elimination Course

Healthy digestion, absorption, and proper elimination are essential for good health. Two thousand years ago, Hippocrates stated all disease begins in the gut. The gut can be the root cause of many health issues. In this seminar, learn what elements can cause poor digestion and elimination. Discover ways to improve your digestive health through cleansing your colon, detoxify your body, and rebuild it with many proactive, preventative tips and techniques. 

Therapeutic Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

In our toxic world today, toxicity can be the root cause of many health issues. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing toxins and wastes from the body. It’s a valuable procedure that can improve your health and well-being on many levels.

Iridology Analysis

An Iridology analysis is a valuable assessment tool. It provides a holistic overview of yourself, your health, and what’s happening inside your body on many levels. 

Face Reading

The features of your face reveal the true nature of who you are. Face reading helps you to see and understand your inherited gifts and talents, states of health and so much more.  Discover what the shape and parts of your face reveal about you. 

Body Analysis

Each person is the author of their life’s journey, and we can read their novel by observing them. In body analysis, we read the language of the body and observe what the body is saying. 

ION Foot Detox Bath

Cleansing is a valuable way of assisting detoxifying the different organs and systems in the body. When the body is cleaner and freer of toxicity it can heal and repair itself easier.  

Massage Therapy

There are many benefits of massage therapy. Every system of the body can be nurtured and affected by therapeutic massage. It’s a wonderful way to deal with stress, injuries, pain and restore the body back into balance.

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