NHPC Radiant Life Conference June 3rd - 5th 2024

Prepare for an unforgettable journey of discovery and transformation at the NHPC Conference 2024: The Radiant Life! From June 3 to June 5, 2024, join us at the beautiful Doubletree by Hilton Hotel West Edmonton for three days of radiant possibilities.

Step into an experience like no other as we invite you to explore the theme of radiant living from every perspective. Engage with fellow practitioners, students, industry pioneers, and NHPC members, each eager to share in the collective journey of growth and inspiration.

Let us guide you through a series of enriching moments designed to ignite your passion for personal and professional development. Start the week with a rejuvenating guided meditation, setting the tone for meaningful connections and exchanges throughout.

Come by our vibrant Tradeshow, where you’ll discover products and services for your practice and connect with industry leaders and innovators. Engage in thought-provoking workshops and discussions, each offering the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.

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The Art & Science of Face Reading for Assessment

Before modern medical equipment, intimate observation and knowledge of the body were the assessment tools. Practitioners understood how to read the language of the body, the meaning of features, non-verbal cues, and the insight within the body’s many holographic maps.

Learn how to read the holographic map of the face. Understand what facial features reveal and communicate. Discover how to see a person’s innate nature, character, and personality. Learn how to observe the organs of your body on your face. For example, your nose reflects the condition of your spine and heart, and your mouth reflects the health of your digestive system. Understanding how to assess your health, yourself, and facial features can give you valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Face reading is a powerful and practical therapeutic assessment tool that can expand and catapult your understanding of yourself and others on many levels.


Two Presentations By Jackie Latimer


In Orlando Florida October 20th – 23rd 2023



A Full One-Day Face Reading Workshop

Learn What the 12 Features of the Face Communicate 

Orlando Florida, Monday, October 23rd 2023   9 – 4pm  

(Will Be Translated into Spanish) 

    Register At:  https://iridologycollege.org/congress



Comprehensive Face Reading

Coming Soon In 2024!

Face Reading & Iridology


By Jackie Latimer at the 23rd Holistic Healthcare Congress  https://iridologycollege.org/congress/

 November 10th – 12th 2022

A Powerful Synergy – Face Reading And Iridology

By Jackie Latimer

February 19th – 21st 2021

Face Reading and Iridology Webinar

 By Jackie Latimer

October 1st 2020



Gut Health = Good Health

By: Jackie Latimer

Webinar: September 22nd 2020   9:00am

“Chinese Face Reading and Iridology” – By Jackie Latimer

IIPA Symposium February 16-18 2018 at the Embassy Suites 4315 Swenson Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89119 Tel:7027952800


“Face Reading” – By Jackie Latimer

At “Little Strand Salon” – Edmonton, Alberta
November 2017


“Face Analysis” – By Jackie Latimer

IIPA Summit Webinar – September 2015
IIPA: www:iridologyassn.org



“We Reveal What We Think and Feel” – By Jackie Latimer

Jackie Latimer is Presenting this Seminar at the International Iridology Practioner Association In New Orleans, USA. February 12 – 16th 2015



Special Advance Iridology Seminar Coming To Edmonton

June 22-23 2013 Organs and Their Emotions” – By Dr. Daniele Lorito
Dr. Daniele LoRito is a Medical Doctor from Venice Italy. He is an advanced thinker, researcher and internationally recognized as one of the top leading-edge Iridologist in the world. He discovered Time Risk Iridology, Space Risk Iridology and Multidimensional Iridology. He is the author of 16 books on multi-dimensional Iridology. Jackie is hosting this special event “Organs and Their Emotions “. It is a special opportunity to learn with Dr. LoRito here in Edmonton. You don’t want to miss this! Register now as space is limited!


“Face Analysis – We Reveal What We Think and Feel” – By Jackie Latimer

April 2012 – Metro College – Continuing Education


“Face – Body- Mind Analysis” – By Jackie Latimer

February 2012 IIPA Symposium Las Vegas, Nevada

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